One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

My Back Pain Relief Started with a Round Rock Chiropractor

My neck pain made me feel weak even into my shoulder area. I had something going on with my cervical spine that made it hurt to turn my head, and I had lost grip strength in my arm. I knew it was some sort of nerve involvement, and I could even look up online which cervical vertebra was the source of the problem. I had constant pain and discomfort, and my arm and hand felt very weak. I could force it to work, but it was not easy. I went to a Round Rock chiropractor for an evaluation of what may be causing the nerve impingement and to get some help fixing it.

The massage and electrical stimulation from a TENS unit helped me immensely. The heat before the massage really made things feel better. The adjustment was the first step in fixing the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. The first adjustment had me feel a warmness returning to my hand on the affected side. That was encouraging to me to keep coming back to follow through with the chiropractor’s treatment plan that was made for me.

All of the supplemental therapies beyond the adjustments were for promoting healing and maintaining spinal alignment. The strength training helped me with not getting fatigued maintaining a straight posture at my desk. The heat, massage and stim helped promote circulation and healing, and it greatly relieved discomfort. However, it was the adjustments bringing my neck back into alignment that made the difference. Such a wonderful sensation of real relief. I do not have to go back very often to the Round Rock chiropractor nowadays, but I do keep their office on speed dial. I like how they can see me fast and bring relief to me fast when I aggravate my old problems.

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