One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

It Was Chiropractic Help That Finally Gave Me Peace and No Pain

I had ghastly pain in my left or about a year before I had the ability to go see a doctor. It was there that I was told I had one thing, but later learned that I had a different issue altogether. Then I had surgery and subsequent pain afterward that led me to a Petaluma chiropractor who helped that pain to stop altogether. It has been a long road, but with the chiropractic help, I can now get around easily without any trouble at all.

The first time I went to a doctor, they told me that my leg trouble was because I had double kneecaps. I was told some people are simply born that way and there was nothing I could do. When I found my knee locking up and I would fall down without the ability to get up on my own, I sought a second opinion. That was when I learned the issue was truly a torn meniscus that needed an operation to fix it. So, I followed through with that, and it did help some.

After my surgery, I asked the doctor if I needed any sort of physical therapy, but I was told that I did not. But something kept nagging at me when I still had some trouble. Knowing that I have been able to trust any chiropractor I have gone to, I went to see one that I used for years. Immediately after telling him what I had fixed, he asked if I had any physical therapy afterward, and upon learning I didn’t, he started working with me. It didn’t take long to feel better thanks to him knowing exactly what the problem was! He has also helped me with some nagging back issues that have bothered me for the last couple of years or so, too.

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