One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

I Am Pleasant to Be Around Again

I used to be very cranky. I didn’t try to be, and it bothered me just as much as it did my family. I was just in a lot of pain most days, and I was pretty miserable about it. My family are all saints for dealing with my issues as well as they did, and thankfully I was able to find a way to become my happy self again instead of the crab that I had been for way too long. It was all because of a visit to a chiropractor in SF.

I went there because I had twisted my back when I was carrying a box. I must have bent over the wrong way when I went to set it down. Rather than deal with the pain, I decided to see if a chiropractor could help me. When he went over my medical history with me, he was surprised to see how much pain I was feeling on a regular basis. What did not surprise him was the level of depression that I had as a result of always being in pain. He told me that he wanted to focus on my back first, but then he is the first one who had given me hope about the rest of my pain.

He gave me my first adjustment for my twisted back that day, but I was surprised that it helped with some of my other pain as well. He explained to me about the spine and how it is connected to just about every action that my body takes. That is why I was able to feel relief when he did the adjustment. It felt so good that I knew that I was going to go back for more. The chronic pain did not disappear overnight, but the severity of it did lessen pretty fast. I no longer have that level of pain, and my family says I am actually pleasant to be around again!

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