One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

One step closer to a healthy lifestyle

April, 2017

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I Am Pleasant to Be Around Again

I used to be very cranky. I didn’t try to be, and it bothered me just as much as it did my family. I was just in a lot of pain most days, and I was pretty miserable about it. My family are all saints for dealing with my issues as well as they did, and thankfully I was able to find a way to become my happy self again instead of the crab that I had been for way too long. It was all because of a visit to a chiropractor in SF.

I went there because I had twisted my back when I was carrying a box. I must have bent over the wrong way when I went to set it down. Rather than deal with the pain, I decided to see if a chiropractor could help me. When he went over my medical history with me, he was surprised to see how much pain I was feeling on a regular basis. Read More

Seeing a Professional for My Old Work Injury

I have poor posture, and I think it’s due to an old work injury that occurred 10 years ago. I’ve been meaning to go to a chiropractor to see if they be able to help me, and I don’t know why I’ve put it off for so long. I think it’s because in general, I prefer to wait as long as possible before taking action. I know it’s not a great way to do things, but I’m stubborn. My girlfriend finally convinced me to find a chiropractor in Huntington NY. That’s where we live, so that’s where I decided to begin my search.

With my girlfriend by my side, we began our search online and immediately found a chiropractor who looked like he would be the right fit for me. Read More

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